You and me against the world;
Hi, The name is Valery I'm 5"1 my birthday is April. 8 ,not that it matters. My boyfriend is Livan, He's wonderful and just outspoken. I'm not really sure what else to say, so hope you enjoy our page c: <3
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Spoken word - ‘Magician’ 

This is one of the new ones from my book :) 



flattened me
like a train
through the wall
across the bed sheets
of morning
over my face
as if the sky
threw through the window
all the thunder all the lightning
at my skull
all at once
as if the cracks in the ceiling
holding hands at last
letting plaster crumble
were puking wooden beams and dust
and attic empty sky fall
all day long
all Thor’s day
I was flattened
but I’d have rather been hammered.


Prompt by samandderp